For my Journalism class I have to read a work of non-fiction and create my own project regarding the topic. I'm reading the book Where the Girls Are by Susan J. Douglas. The author was part of the baby boom and the book gives her perspective of growing up as a female with the mass media around every corner. I'm going to use this blog to help record my thoughts as I read. I'll post anything that has to do with the topic, photos, info, music, even my own experiences dealing with feminism and being a women. 307 pages. Let's find out where the girls are and where this little project will take us. Want to read the book too? Website Hit Counters

“When I open Vogue, for example, I am simultaneously infuriated and seduce, grateful to escape temporarily into a narcissistic paradise where I’m the center of the universe, outraged that completely unattainable standards of wealth and beauty exclude me and most women I know form the promised land…that’s what it means to be a woman in America.”

Where the Girls Are by Susan J. Douglas
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